Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gyokko Yohen Kyusu

Gyokko Tiny Yohen Kyusu

I had not expected this day to happen for quite some time, if ever.  But it happened when I went on a teaware buying binge fueled by a tax rebate, saw this little guy and said why not.  But yes I actually own a Kyusu smaller than some of my Yixing teapots.  This little guy in theory measures in at 140 ml but I would like to double check that ( keep on forgetting) because it honestly seems so small.

It is a great little Tokaname Kyusu made by the artist Gyokko, and fired such that it shows off its lovely Yohen effects.  The fire created such a wonderful appearance on this piece, with bands going from aging dusty chocolate, to almost black clay, to a nearly rusted piece of scrap metal, then the most interesting band is somehow so incredibly shiny it looks like it got painted with oil.

Gyokko Tiny Yohen Kyusu other side

Although using this piece while definitely doable, feels precarious.   Its one of those things that I have large enough hands grabbing it from above, my fingers on all sides wrap around and touch the edge of the bottom of the kyusu.  So when using this I feel like a giant using a normal sized teapot.  In fact while with most kyusu's I like to have a decent part of palm touching the handle, it just does not work. When I pour with this kyusu it is thumb and middle finger on opposite sides of the handle, right where it is narrowest. and my index finger on the top of the button. This is the most comfortable with me, but the handle does not get within an inch of my palm.

But I am incredibly fond of this little guy.  In fact makes doing small sencha tasting incredibly easy, and in  a pinch could likely also be used for Gyokuro.

Gyokko Yohen, and Seigan SO