Saturday, June 29, 2013

Those Special Pieces

While my teaware display I still consider far from perfect, I still feel it is quite nicely put together.  But one of the things I really like about my new display set up, which can be seen here.  Is I managed to create a dedicated space and interesting display for my very special pieces of teaware.  While the following picture does not show it, I also have a desk lamp on the other portion of this cubby which I can use to light up these pieces at night when I am drinking tea to put them in extra focus.

Teaware display

It just so happens that each of my very nice pieces came with a cloth stamped with the artists chop giving an extra flair to the display.  But why do I consider these 4 pieces "special."

From the back right, let me just say if I am ever to own a piece produced by a Living National Treasure of Japan that Kaneta Masanao has the best chance of being that piece!  Masanao is a phenomenal artist, that takes a sculptural approach to pieces used for everyday use.  Going towards the camera, an oil spot piece, in fact the only oil spot piece I own, but with the white background and blueish/purple effects inside the cup, it is a piece that I have never been able to take a photograph that does it justice, it is truly a wonderful piece to behold in person.

Going to the left two pieces,  in the back is an piece from Toru's at Artistic Nippons Artist Focus section, and a Karatsu Artist.  While the piece itself seems plain and the glazing simple, between the wonderfully textured clay body, to the walls that are so thin it seems like a crime against physics.  Going forward is another piece that I think is an incredible eye catcher, though I have yet to formulate a very good reason as to why it deserves the special focus section of my display.  It is wood fired, and wonderfully constructed, and certainly not unworthy of its spot in the display.