Saturday, August 13, 2011

Xu De Jia Celadon Teabowl

Celadon Teabowl (2)

I have long avoided celadon, not because I didn't like it but because I was worried I would like it too much. There is just something about the soft greenish/greyish blue color glaze looking like a giant marshmallow wrapped around the piece that looks so inviting. Not only that but celadon is notorious for having the cracks in the glaze stain.

Celadon Teabowl (1)

But I was visiting teashops while in San Fransico, and at Red Blossom Tea I saw 3 styles of tea bowls, I sort of wanted one of each and when I called later to acquire one it was tough to decide upon just one. Let me just say I love the satin style celadon glaze, that looks so soft and inviting. It surely takes on stain quickly mine having been in my possession for less than a week already looks quite old and wizened on the inside.

Celadon Teabowl (3)

For being a sizable celadon piece, it is phenomenal, as most celadons of this style are only done on smaller cups, but this one being nearly 4 inches exactly in diameter. It surely is a centerpiece, and I can not wait to attempt to make Matcha in this bowl, although at exactly 4 inches in diameter, it might be a bit tough to adequately whisk inside the bowl.