Sunday, December 2, 2012

Park Jong Il Teapot Set

Park Jong Il Teaset

There is something about Korean teaware that just makes me happy, and this Teapot set from Park Jong Il does not disappoint. A ghostly mix of Blue, White and Grey, with some pinkish purple fawn spots, its wonderfully put together and thought out.

The Cups are small simple and elegant, playing with them in your fingers is a huge tactile adventure going from smooth and glassy to several different types of rough and grainy.  Then there is the teapot which has been by far the most shocking so far. I will show what I mean at the end of this post.  It now looks like its an antique and has been in my possession for at least a decade.

Park Jong Il Teapot (teaset)

Last but not least is the faircup with the handle at an unusual but easily loveable angle.

Park Jong Il Faircup - Water cooler ( teaset)

As promised the picture of the highly stained ( for some reason on this piece I have been calling it a web), crackles on the teapot:

Park Jong Il Teapot Staining