Sunday, January 22, 2012


A project of a year in the making, which sadly the most I participated in this offering was to be a "pre-commited" participant.  This is The Eiichi Commission  which at long last we have seen pictures, and given a name to the design of this project.  It is somewhat ground breaking in the sense that previously the glaze colors done by Eiichi have been White, White, White, and more White, either thick or thin, perfect coatings or crawling with cracks.  This project was given the name of Kohiku, which is the name for a somewhat traditional Hagi glaze style in which a bit of color change is aimed for after applying a slip glaze doing a Bisque fireing and then applying an over glaze and firing once more.

Photos can be found here, and as I am pre-committed I definitely will have one finding its way to me.   Those of you familiar with the styles of Yunomi's/ teacups that I like may already have a decent guess at what style(s) my hopeful choices were from.

I will say I was quite impressed with these pieces in general, although I am not overly fond of the bright orange color.  I am secretly hoping that these are telling pictures but not super accurate in terms of color, and that the color is actually a bit more neutral and passive in nature.  Although I would love to see how this fire-orange ages and progresses through the 7 stages of hagi with use.

Look forward to another post (or more) in the somewhat near future.