Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apprentice Red Blossom Yixing

Red blossom Apprentice Yixing

A Yixing teapot that caught my eye when I visited Red blossoms store in San Fransico.  It is a piece that I feel Sen No Rikyu could get behind, because while the piece is not without its flaws (few at that, but still there), it brews good tea, and that is what is important.  Interestingly enough it shows its use quickly, and some of the more apparent flaws are on the inside there are a few odd blemishes in which it is not picture perfect.  There also is a slight drip from the lid while pouring.

Not to mention from a bit of an visual point of view it appears as though at one point in time this pot was dragged across a rough surface before being fired.  As the base is quite scuffed up and has been from the moment I acquired it "new."  While I have no problem admitting I am a novice when it comes to yixing, something about this pot just strikes me.  Most importantly it brews good tea.