Wednesday, July 21, 2010

D. Michael Coffee a.k.a Shyrabbit

Shyrabbit(Coffee) In Praise of Shadows 2

This amazing little teacup and stand arrived in the mail today, and is a Teachat Teaware Artisan special offer piece, done by Shyrabbit or D. Michael Coffee.

Shyrabbit(Coffee) In Praise of Shadows

I always appreciated his Nuka type glazes, but this piece really took me by surprise in its simplicity but amazing depth and detail. Shyrabbits etsy shop can be found here.

EoT Mansai in Coffee in Praise of Shadows

The theme for this piece is "In Praise of Shadows" after the name of a Japanese essay on aesthetics, which has been published in English. And this round of pieces was the last batch to receive his four corners chop. I hope to acquire and read In Praise of Shadows in the near future.