Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Elegance, porcelain

MTR Yixing Red

This is slightly surprising even to me, as I tend to love ceramics that show off wabi sabi, but yet I highly treasure certain of my highly refined and exacting porcelain pieces. Especially with a simple painted design often done completely in one color, I feel gives the piece a striking look of perfection.

Andao Da Hong Pao color

I honestly feel it is due to the nature of porcelain, that it can come across as "perfect." Colorful or highly decorated glazes seem to behave quite differently in different circumstances, which I feel are likely to evoke very strong emotions in terms of love or hate. The fact that porcelain is pure white, with perhaps a painted design seems to distance it from most emotions, the most you can say is I do not like the shape, or the design is not my favorite.

Wuyi and the mist edit

It is often the simpler the design I feel people have less of a reason to take a stance towards or against. But the perfection and the lack of flair often attempted to be shown off by other styles of tea ware.

I still prefer Japanese teaware, and glazed and slightly more stylized pieces, but I was taking a while to admire the simple porcelain pieces today, and was amazed at their simple elegance.