Thursday, February 10, 2011

Growing Fondness

Deishi Biwa Wan

Looking back I am still unsure what prompted me to buy this piece, it was acquired in my spending spree on teaware shortly after I started acquiring my first pieces of artisan teaware and I was hooked. But while this piece has never quite been my favorite, I did continue to use it somewhat regularly, and when it started to change it took on a whole new life in my eyes.

Staining of Deishi Biwa

The pale tan/pink of the outside is just now starting to not look pristine, and the piece now is darkening on the outside similar to that pictured above on the inside. It gives the piece an amazing depth that it never quite had before. The glaze of this piece is I believe either a Biwa, or a Loquat glaze, although I am not sure if those two are synonymous. I know these pieces are called Biwa wans, by the Artist Deishi, and the glaze is similar to a Loquat, although each artists look slightly different.

Staining Biwa Outside