Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tragedy in Japan

I had thought long and hard about how to post about this, on my tea blog I made a bit of a call for making the year 2011 a year for Japanese Teas and Teaware. I encourage a similar thing on this blog. Though a bit more tragic is while most of the tea regions where minimally effected by this event, Japanese potters were directly effected by this event.

There is a Potter specific relief fund, found at the following link:

Many people made donations to an auction which is going live tonight in which all proceeds are going to aid Japan.

And Robert Fornell an artist I am quite fond of although I have yet to acquire a piece by him, is donating all proceeds from his Etsy store for the time being.

If people have any other links involving ceramics and relief efforts for Japan please let me know an I will work on keeping this page updated.