Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rustic Elegance

Biwa Kofuku Wan

There is something about Hagi Yaki which I think these photos emphasize. They are not made with crisp clean lines, they are not covered with a perfect sheet of glaze, they are so simple that even certain artisan made pieces look as though they were made by an amateur potter.

Shira Kofuku Wan

While these pieces are designed to show Wabi Sabi, at the same time they are almost made in such a fashion as to make them seem unpretentious. I can relay a story in which I had a repair man visit my apartment, and upon seeing my collection, had assumed that I made all of them. Trying to always seem modest myself I was unsure whether or not I should correct him, as I did not want to relay exactly how much money was sitting on those shelves, but at the same time I did not want to take credit for others work.

Though it is a bit of an odd comment in certain respects. Looking at me and my age, I hardly suspect he thought I was some highly talented and well practiced artist. So I am uncertain as to whether he thought these pieces were unpracticed, and not that great, or if he thought they were amazing works of art.

Either way, Hagi yaki offers something few other works of art do, and that is a rustic and homelike nature to it, which is still in its almost grotesque way elegant.