Saturday, February 18, 2012

Park Jong Il Teacup

Park Jong Il Teacup

I'm using this lovely little beauty right now, and it is quickly becoming my favorite teacup of its size. Its a pretty basic Korean style cup, except it has the added kiln effects, which are apparent in the above picture.  The kiln lead to "blemishes" in the appearance of the glaze leading to these blueish purple patches.   But of course me being me I absolutely love those little blemishes, I just wish somehow they managed to work their way all around the cup.

Park Jong Il Teacup back

I am honestly not sure there is anything I do not like about this piece.  Lovely very pronounced and well cut foot. Rustic looking but well done glazing, and an absolutely amazing shape.  I think I may need to try and find some more pieces, by this wonderful artist.

While I am enjoying a Korean Tea, with Korean Teaware, I thought Korean music should be in order.