Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Greenwood Studio's Wan

Greenwood Wan

This orange wood-fired beauty comes from Shawn over at Greenwood Studio's.  I have two more pieces that were glazed and fired by Shawn but made by myself.   This one though as far as I know was made entirely by Shawn.

This picture shows off the wonderful effects in the glaze, but hides the nice form factor, there is actually several "wings" around where the vertical walls meed the sloping base into the food of the cup.  I do not know if they were intended to go all the way around and got dented in production or firing, or if it was completely intentional.

This piece is actually a very nice size, with incredibly thin, but sturdy walls.  I have used it quite a few times, though the first time was a bit of a shock, it once again showed me that when getting a brand new piece, a good soak is often beneficial, even if there seems to be no real sign of aromas from the firing.  That first cup of red tea I drank from this prior to a soak, had so many flavors and aromas from the kiln it was rediculous, ( I had to dump it after one sip).

Its odd I would not consider myself a fan of orange, but this is not my first piece whose primary color is orange, they are oddly growing on me, and this Greenwood Studios piece is a nice piece to have.