Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kaneta Masanao Yunomi

Kaneta Masanao Yunomi (3)

In almost any area, once you have done enough reading, browsing, research, etc. you find people who you deeply respect their work.  Kaneta Masanao is one such ceramic artist for myself.  While Hagi-yaki was my first love so to speak in terms of ceramic styles, it is only fitting that one of the artists I had most lusted over is an well respected Hagi artist.

In a way not often done in these traditional pottery styles, Kaneta Masanao seems to be breaking into new frontiers in Hagi.  His forms are often fresh and unique, and his glazing impeccable.  I have often felt his pieces are usable sculptures ( which some will argue is a requirement for all great works of ceramics, especially Chawans). 

Kaneta Masanao Yunomi (2)

This yunomi shows off the things I love most from his work. Wonderfully carved, in a fashion that toes the line between carefree and masterfully thought out.  Even better it shows off the wonderful blush yohen effects from the kiln fire.

Kaneta Masanao Yunomi (1)

Such a wonderful cup, and greatly sized.  Though my hands are still trying to find exactly how to hold this cup very naturally.  My hand fits on it in many ways, and it not that noticeable when the cup is warm, but when the cup was cold when I pulled it out of the box this morning, it just felt so awkward in my hand.

Shincha in Masanao Yunomi

This would make a great piece for a personal "Museum Collection."