Friday, March 1, 2013

It was only a matter of time...

It was only a matter of until I started having dreams about ceramics.  In the past week I have had two dreams involving ceramics, one a just weird dream, and the other a nightmare.

The first dream while weird because it was surreal in only the way dreams can be, but it involved a ceramics class, but this time it took place in a large warehouse, which I remember wandering around for quite some time, there were huge palates of every single type of clay imaginable.  A giant section of glazes, and all throughout the warehouse were tables for people to make pieces.  I am not sure if it was a giant ceramics store, or if it was a very well stocked studio, but it was interesting.  I forgot the parts of the dream that made it really weird, i.e. the task I was trying to accomplish and the weird emotions running throughout the dream.

The second dream, I honestly forgot most of it, but I remember the ceramic part as clear as day, and I think it is deeply related to frustrations I have with one of my favorite pieces.

Seong-Il Chawan

This Seong Il chawan, which I love for its rustic form and simple glaze, the glaze has not adhered to the rim of the chawan well at all, and in several places just through use and time the glaze has popped off certain parts of the rim.  Well the dream took that a little further, in using the chawan, it got tipped over and a very large portion of the glaze popped off, I picked it up and in frustration at this effect, I chucked the chawan to the ground shattering it into pieces.

I am not some one who reads into dreams, but understanding a little bit about what dreams actually are, I figure the fact that I am dreaming about ceramics indicates that they have reached a certain level in my life, requiring a decent amount of time spent thinking about ceramics in my life.