Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Antique Qing Dynasty Cup

Antique Porcelain Cup (1)

Do not take my word on this cups provenance, heck I barely feel right calling this a porcelain cup, though the clay does appear to have a porcelain character to it.  But it certainly is not the refined pure white, with stylized blue of typical antique Chinese blue and white porcelain.

Antique Porcelain Cup

This piece is surprisingly shallow, but feels quite nice while it is being held.  It has that slightly different feel that older pieces tend to have, especially when compared to brand new porcelain cups.  The brush work is incredibly confusing, but quite intriguing, the longer and longer I looked at it, the more it looks like someone started out being rather detailed with a well thought out plan, then a mistake was made, and the rest of the piece was done quite half heartedly and sloppily.

This foot photo shows it the best, but I really should have taken a photo before I cleaned the piece. It clearly looks as though it was either artificially aged or spent a decent bit of time buried under ground.  Though that is potentially how they got the somewhat arbitrary date of "1750." 

Its an interesting cup, and certainly looks nice with tea in it, and is fun to use.  In the future I may look into validating its supposed age.