Saturday, October 12, 2013

Woodfired Pinchwork Chawan

Pinchwork Teabowl

This chawan was the large bowl I made in my woodfired ceramics class that was reasonably thin enough to be sipped from.  My other massive bowl which has really cool glazing effects is so thick and heavy, it might better be served as gym equipment than a functional piece.  The longer this Chawan has sat upon the shelf the more and more it called to me, I honestly wish I had some Matcha on hand to see how it handles the wonderful green powdered tea.  However not having any in stock, with no prospect for one in the near future, I have not used it.  Until I caved in and decided to use it for "grandpa style" which is just leaves and hot water in the bowl and sipped from casually.

Pinchwork teabowl(1)

While this piece is not without a plethora of flaws, it might actually be one of my best pieces from that firing.   The "glazing" took on all sorts of wonderful effects in the fire, and the shape is not entirely unpleasing, and potentially the best balanced.  Though having those accolades from my pieces from that firing is a bit like being the least rotten apple in a bag full of rotten apples.   The shape is entirely wonky, the picture above hints at it, while the foot seems to be in the *center* the wall was pushed out a lot further on one side than the other. The biggest success of this piece as seen below, is the wall thickness is quite nice for a piece that is designed to be sipped from.

Pinchwork Teabowl (3)