Friday, September 3, 2010

Non-traditional Korean Teaware

It has been said about Korean teaware that there are the traditional celedon type glazes, with traditional "kyusu" type designs, and then there is the new wave of Korean Teaware Artisans, which take their influence from a wide variety of area's. Seong-il is one of those new more revolutionary teaware artisans in Korea.

Seong-il Lid Rest

First off this little addition to my order, a what I can only believe is a lid rest, at least that is what I am using it for. While I think it might have been a slightly defective piece due to inconsistencies in the glaze on top, the wonderful flower design surely makes this a well loved treasure.

Seong-il Wood Fired Teapot

Seong-il Wood Fired Teapot (2)

And I have wanted a wood fired teapot ever since I saw some amazing wood fired Kyusu's. While this only has a little bit of the effect I believe it has a "Salt Shino" on it which while glazed gives the outside of the pot a rather natural clay like outside to the teapot.

Seong-il Shino Cups

These two Shino cups are really starting to open my eyes to Shino, and how great it can be. These basically look like Child versions of the Chicago Potter Pink Shino Yunomi, and I may just do a side by side comparison of both of them as a post on this blog in the future.

So as I try and focus this blog on, what I have been learning about pottery though acquireing these pieces. And While this is a bit of a focus on the differences between Traditional and Non-traditional teaware, I felt I should include a picture of what I can believe is rather traditional for Korean teaware.

Geum San Tea Set

Clearly these offer two completely different styles.

But the biggest thing I learned had to have been the wonders of Shino, just from the little peak through the window I got to see.