Sunday, October 17, 2010

What pleases the eye

What pleases the eye is not always easy to use or even all that practical to use. I am sure there are many examples of this, but I am going to use a set of pieces that I find very visually attractive but hardly get around to using due to their nature.

Coffee Cup Set

These cups or mugs are rather problematic to drink out of partially due to their stunning triangular shape. Now as someone who has used these cups on multiple occasions, I have no good suggestion at how to fix the cups. The angle between the handle and the sides of the cup make it an awkward angle to hold the handle and drink from the cup, at least for me. Granted the wonderful thing about round cups is the handle could be held at any angle the drinker wishes, as long as the handle is not trying to occupy the same space as your face when drinking you get a surface perpendicular to your bottom lip.

So when drinking from this cup I often forgo holding the handle entirely and rely on handling the cup, which when holding very hot liquids the thinness of the ceramic is a problem. But Good thing I much prefer to drink my hot beverages on the cooler side.