Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Booh-Ya, Tsuboya!

Nakamura Masahiro Yunomi (2)

I am going to say that Tsuboya Yaki falls into the category that I didn't know existed basically until I purchased this piece.  Tsuboya is a traditional Japanese pottery out of Osaka. While there is quite little information about it online in English, from what I have gathered their Yunomi are known for having this shape complete with rather large foot.

The artist is Nakamura Masahiro, and while this is not the initial piece I ordered from this artist ( the one I wanted was sold the day before and it had yet to show up in inventory). But the owner of the gallery informed me that he had another piece from this artist, and offered to send me photos.  Oddly this piece is really growing on me, The glaze pattern is quite interesting, I have never quite been one for Polka Dots.

Nakamura Masahiro Yunomi (1)

This though seems to be one of the Japanese pieces I have that is the most resilient, with no sign of staining in crackles in the glaze ( can't really even see any crackles on the inside).  Its also rather nice, and don't tell anyone, but when I just wanted to drink big cups, I brewed up some Black/ Red tea and poured directly from the pot into the cup, and it was incredibly nice.  With my hagi I am scared to do something like that as I feel the strong odours will somehow get locked in the clay and then every time I have sencha after that it smells like Keemun or similar.

So I guess onto my review of the piece.  Super smooth glaze that is fun to touch, and some how my pinky always finds its self resting on and playing with the foot, when I hold it or drink it.   It definitely falls into the category of teaware I have started to explore recently, which are pieces that strive for perfection in their shape and form.  As such it may not be readily apparent, but those two photos are from opposite sides of the cup, even though they look basically identical.