Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So I am known for loving Wabi sabi pieces, which depending on your choice of words could be considered rustic, wonky, rough, or just plain childish in their appearance. One thing I will say is in my limited work with making my own pottery, the real talent in Hagi and similar wares is making the irregularity of the piece seem like it just absolutely belongs there.  Whether it is a  flaw in the glaze, or just plain rough and irregular form of the piece, after you get to know the piece you wouldn't have it any other way.

So now for something completely different:

Tagami Munetoshi Yunomi

This lovely cup is from Tagami Munetoshi a fifth generation Mashiko potter.  I say something completely different because the cup like quite a bit  of Mashiko ware, and many other types of pottery in Japan they aim for near perfection in every piece.  I honestly never thought I would enjoy these nearly perfectly created pieces as much as I do, its shape is also incredibly interesting, and its fun to rub my finger over those three green dots on each side of the cup which were applied quite thick and are slightly raised above the surface.

The cup its self when empty is so light and delicate feeling its almost like holding nothing at all, except for the slightly cool sensation on your fingers, there is no real sign that you are holding a piece of pottery. What was a wonderful surprise for me, is that although the glazing on the inside looked completely coherent, after a few cups of tea it stained in very fine crackles, giving the piece that well loved look I enjoy so much.

I will admit I have a lot to learn about Mashiko yaki.  I see no sign of a chop on this piece.  I almost wonder if its one of those things that takes some practice, and eventually you can identify a pieces providence on sight alone.