Monday, February 11, 2013

Seigan Tebineri Wans

Sansai Tebineri Seigan

This is a piece I have had for quite some time now, it is a massive Yunomi/ wan, but so incredibly enjoyable.  It is tebineri ( pinchwork), and in the Sansai glaze.  I am a huge fan of pinchwork pieces as they are wonderful to feel and hold close in your hands.  Even better is the Sansai glaze is mostly white in color wonderfully showing of the color of the tea.

Sansai Teb

As you can see the glaze has some rather cool patterns.  I actually think this Sansai wan is much better than my similar Blue pinchwork one, as it always has driven me crazy how incredibly wonky the top of my Blue Pinchwork wan shown below.

Ao Teb

The glazing in the blue wan is mesmerizing and the sizing is much better for sencha, though it is still a massive cup.   But it is always good to know that if I ever need a travel matcha set up I can take the Sansai wan and go!

Sansai with Matcha Powder