Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shibuya Eiichi Yunomi Video

I shot another video showing off some more of my teaware so you can get a bit of how the piece looks like in sizing, and when it is moving about.  Shibuya Eiichi is a real up an coming Hagi Artist and is the grandson of Shibuya Deishi another Hagi potter whose work I really admire, and use on a regular basis.  

Its rather funny as for the longest time every single Shibuya Eiichi piece I saw had a white glaze on the piece. The Kohiku Yunomi is in the first run of pieces I have seen from Eiichi which was not glazed in white, though it looks like a rather classic Hagi glaze, though it does not seem to be crackling and staining like most Hagi glazes.